New Greenberg lab publication, lead by Dr. Ankit Garg, looking at mutations in skeletal muscle actin causing cardiomyopathy

Skeletal muscle actin mutations are well-known to cause skeletal myopathies, but their role in cardiomyopathies have been controversial as skeletal muscle actin is only expressed at modest levels in the heart.  Here, we demonstrate that a skeletal muscle actin mutation potently causes multiple defects in actin function at the atomic and molecular scales, and it functions in a dominant fashion, leading to cardiomyocyte contractile defects.  Our results establish how skeletal muscle actin mutations may cause cardiomyocyte dysfunction and lay the foundation for future studies of the role of skeletal muscle actin in cardiomyopathy.  The paper can be found here.

Congratulations to all of the authors, including our collaborators: Drs. Silvia Jansen, Rui Zhang, and Kory Lavine.