Welcome to the Greenberg Lab

Our lab is interested in understanding molecular motors and their roles in health and disease. We are particularly interested in cardiovascular diseases, including heart failure and familial cardiomyopathies.  We are interested in understanding the mechanisms driving these diseases and leveraging these mechanistic insights into the development of precision medicine therapeutics. To do this, the lab uses an array of biochemical, biophysical, cell biological, computational, and engineering techniques to decipher how disease-causing perturbations affect contractility across scales from the level of single molecules to the level of engineered tissues. For more details on our research, click here.

New preprint from our lab in collaboration with the Hlehouse and Soranno labs examining the troponin-T linker region that is a hotspot for cardiomyopathy mutations and variants of unknown significance.

Together, we used single molecule techniques, in vitro reconstitution assays, and molecular dynamics simulations to demonstrate that this linker region is intrinsically disordered and dynamic in the context of isolated troponin and the fully-regulated thin filament. ...

Ella Mozier joins the lab as a graduate student

Welcome to Ella Mozier, a new graduate student in the lab who will be co-mentored with Andrea Soranno.

New Greenberg lab preprint in collaboration with the Garcia and Lavine labs

Familial dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) is frequently caused by autosomal dominant point mutations in genes involved in diverse cellular processes, including sarcomeric contraction. While patient studies have defined the genetic landscape of DCM, genetics are not...

New Greenberg lab publication, lead by Dr. Ankit Garg, looking at mutations in skeletal muscle actin causing cardiomyopathy

Skeletal muscle actin mutations are well-known to cause skeletal myopathies, but their role in cardiomyopathies have been controversial as skeletal muscle actin is only expressed at modest levels in the heart.  Here, we demonstrate that a skeletal muscle actin...

New collaborative Greenberg Lab publication with the Hinson lab on titin truncation variants

Congratulations to all of the authors.  The publication can be found here.

Congratulations to Dr. Ankit Garg!

Dr. Garg, a postdoc in the lab started a new position at Johns Hopkins and received a great score on his K08 grant from NHLBI!

New Publication with Dr. Brent Scoitt

Our latest publication is “Multiscale biophysical models of cardiomyopathies reveal complexities challenging existing dogmas”. Here, we describe how experimental and computational biophysical tools are being harnessed to study cardiomyopathies and how they...

New Greenberg Lab Publication with Dr. Ankit Garg

New article with Dr. Ankit Garg, “Assessing Cardiac Contractility From Single Molecules to Whole Hearts”.  We describe how multiscale tools can be harnessed to reveal new insights into heart failure.  The article can be found...

Congratulations Dr. Ankit Garg

Dr. Ankit Garg won the Sobel Award for Basic and Translational...