Recent Publications

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    • Woody MS, Lewis JH, Greenberg MJ, Goldman YE, Ostap EM. MEMLET: An Easy-to-Use Tool for Data Fitting and Model Comparison Using Maximum-Likelihood Estimation. Biophysical Journal. 111(2):273-82 (2016). [Abstract]
    • Greenberg, M.J., Arpag, G., Tuzel, E. and Ostap, E.M. A perspective on the role of myosins as mechanosensors. Biophysical Journal 110:2568-2576 (2016). [Abstract]
    • Kee, A.J., Yang, L., Lucas, C.A., Greenberg, M.J., Martel, N., Leong, G.M., Hughes, W.E., Cooney, G.J., James, D.E., Ostap, E.M., Han, W., Gunning, P.W. and Hardeman, E.C. An actin filament population defined by the tropomyosin Tpm3.1 regulates glucose uptake. Traffic (Copenhagen, Denmark). 16:691-711 (2015). [Abstract]
    • Greenberg, M.J., Lin, T., Shuman, H. and Ostap, E.M. Mechanochemical tuning of myosin-I by the N-terminal region. PNAS 112:E3337-E3344 (2015). [Abstract]
    • Greenberg, M.J., Shuman, H. and Ostap, E.M. Inherent force-dependent properties of β-cardiac myosin contribute to the force-velocity relationship of cardiac muscle. Biophysical J 107:L41-4 (2014). [Abstract]
    • Shuman, H., Greenberg, M.J., Zwolak, A., Lin, T., Sindelar, C.V., Dominguez, R. and Ostap, E.M. A vertebrate myosin-I structure reveals unique insights into myosin mechanochemical tuning. PNAS 111:2116-2121 (2014). [Abstract]
    • Greenberg, M.J. and Ostap, E.M. Regulation and control of myosin-I by the motor and light chain-binding domains. Trends in Cell Biology. 23:81-9 (2013). [Abstract]
    • Greenberg, M.J., Lin, T., Goldman, Y.E., Shuman, H. and Ostap, E.M. Myosin IC generates power over a range of loads via a new tension-sensing mechanism. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 109:E2433-E2440 (2012). [Abstract]
    • Lewis, J.H., Greenberg, M.J., Laakso, J.M., Shuman, H. and Ostap, E.M. Calcium regulation of myosin-I tension sensing. Biophysical J. 102:2799-2807 (2012). [Abstract]
    • Chen, C., Greenberg, M.J., Laakso, J.M., Ostap, E.M., Goldman, Y.E and Shuman, H. Kinetic schemes for post-synchronized single molecule dynamics. Biophys J. 102:L23-L25 (2012). [Abstract]
    • Lin, T., Greenberg, M.J., Moore, J.R. and Ostap, E.M. A hearing loss-associated myo1c mutation (R156W) decreases the myosin duty ratio and force sensitivity. Biochemistry 50:1831-1838 (2011). [Abstract]
    • Greenberg, M.J., Kazmierczak, K., Szczesna-Cordary, D. and Moore JR. Cardiomyopathy-linked myosin regulatory light chain mutations disrupt myosin strain-dependent biochemistry. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 107:17403-17408 (2010). [Abstract]